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Snow Removal in South Bend, IN

Of course, you always have the option of shoveling heaps of snow all by yourself. However, most people don't have time to spare for this arduous task. What's more, it will test your patience and stress you so much that you will no longer have the energy to get through the rest of the day successfully. Most companies that offer snow removal in South Bend are landscaping service providers during the warmer months of the year. This makes a lot of sense, since those who would want their lawns to be mowed during the summer season would also want their driveways to be plowed during the colder months.

Here at S&L Snow Removal our professionals specialize in snow removal around South Bend and other related services such as ice dam removal, residential snow removal, and roof snow removal. At some point, you will want to hire S&L Snow Removal for our well trained and equipped professionals as there's only so much a shovel is capable of doing. When you talk to S&L Snow Removal professionals instead of doing snow removal in South Bend on your own, you are ensuring your own health and safety. Accidents and even deaths are possible scenarios during winter, especially on icy winter storms. Your life is priceless, so it is better to spend a couple of bucks on a South Bend snow removal service than to risk your own life.

South Bend snow removal companies like us here at S&L Snow Removal have the best and biggest equipment for their services. Aside from a wide range of trucks that have plows, workers with shovels and snow blowers are available whenever they are needed. All you have to do is give information on the size of your property and how fast you want the service to finish. S&L Snow Removal can also give you the assurance that if you have a problem of getting yourself out of your property because of the snow, the issue will be resolved in no time and in the most efficient way possible.

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Zips Codes Near South Bend

  • 46544
  • 46601
  • 46561
  • 46614
  • 46530
  • 46536
  • 49120
  • 49107

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have a parking lot that the South Bend city council won’t touch in cases of winter blizzards. That’s why I’m glad S&L is on the job. They have the entire lot cleared out in under an hour, salted and sanded too. It would be a huge loss in income if I didn’t have those parking spaces available. No matter when the snow hits, S&L in South Bend is ready and on the job. Couldn’t be more grateful for their service.

Colin L.

We live along a dirt road that stretches into the woods. Let me tell you if it wasn’t for S&L snow removal in South Bend we’d basically be trapped. But luckily they’re able to dig and plow us out every year. Couldn’t be happier with how thorough their service is. I didn’t even know you could plow a dirt road before we got in touch with S&L. We’d recommend them to anybody in the state, especially during winter.

Wiston P.

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City Facts

Country United States
County St. Joseph
City 41.88 sq mi (108.47 km2)
Density 2,440.1/ sq mi (942.1/ km2)
FIPS code 18-71000
Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D)
ZIP codes 46601, 46604, 46612-46617, 46619, 46620, 46624, 46626, 46628, 46629, 46634, 46635, 46637, 46660, 46680, 46699
Częstochowa Poland
Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
GNIS feature ID 0452796


Why should I hire S&L Snow Removal for a South Bend snow removal service?

We here at S&L Snow Removal employ experts of snow removal in South Bend, which means that they can offer you a service that's of the highest quality and with the best results. S&L Snow Removal staff can customize a snow removal in South Bend in order to tailor the service to the needs of each homeowner. S&L Snow Removal wants to give their clients value for every dollar they spend. If you want a service provider that you can trust, we would be your best option.

When can I expect for my driveway to clear up?

A storm's timing is oftentimes unpredictable. There's no start time that is set for the day. However, 70% of winter storms happen between 1 and 3 AM. Winter weather can be severe and unpredictable, so there is no way for S&L Snow Removal and its experts to arrive at your property at a given time. Rest assured, assistance will be given as soon as possible and when the roads are cleared.

Is it possible for me to drive over snow even before professionals are done removing the snow from my property?

Yes. S&L Snow Removal has specialized equipment that can remove packed snow. Every effort exerted by the professionals here at S&L Snow Removal is targeted towards the clearance of your driveway from debris and obstacles. Wood, sleds, skis, extension cords, rope, shovels, and toys are just among the many dangerous items which can cause injury. Here at S&L Snow Removal, you are ensured that your safety is prioritized.

How much will it cost me to clear my driveway?

In South Bend, there's an entry-level price which is for a driveway that is two cars deep and two cars wide. The minimum price has been set based on the operating costs to clear the area including lubricants, replacement equipment, insurance, parts, labor, and fuel. Most homeowners bid at the minimum price. There are factors that can increase the minimum bid such as the difficulty to carry out the service, snow load location, roof unloads, turnouts, and wind issues among others.

What will happen if the storm starts at night?

Winter storms are frustrating for everyone. When you hire service providers that provide snow removal in South Bend, the common practice is to check the snow accumulation during noon time. If there isn't enough, the drivers will come back to your place early morning or during nighttime. Operators are advised to plow all day and check back every few hours. We here at S&L Snow Removal are also giving priority to the driver's’ safety.

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